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Protect Your Data, Secure Your Home. Forculus Home

Your home network is your digital front door. Keep it locked from hackers, and from the digital havoc they might wreak.

Forculus Home comes from a little know Roman Deity, who was the god of the doors & thresholds. The Forculus Home ecosystem embodies that spirit by providing an array of smart home security solutions to protect against traditional physical threats but increasingly advanced network threats.


Safeguard Your Home Network with a Secure, Privacy Centric, American Produced Platform

Standard routers are ineffective at monitoring and addressing network attacks, offering nothing in the way of network security. On top of that, it takes a degree in IT to figure out how to create a guest network or even change your Wi-Fi password.

Forculus Home keeps your private data safe with powerful security features easily configured on an intuitive touchscreen display. With Forculus Home’s cutting-edge American-Made technology, you receive real-time protection against network intruders to secure all your personal devices including computers, phones, security cameras, and door locks. Keep your browsing data private with our built-in VPN that features industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption.


Intuitive Network Protection & Control

It’s your home network – you should be able to control it without a background in IT. Easily protect and configure your home network through our user-friendly interface and 8.5” touchscreen display. Block websites, remove devices, and change your Wi-Fi settings with a few taps. 

Transparent Network Analytics

View attempted network attacks, identify suspicious devices, and see who’s hogging all your bandwidth from a single device. Forculus Home gives you complete visibility through a network dashboard display so you can identify and prevent threats before they happen.

Network & Data Privacy

Forculus Home proudly adheres to a no-logs policy, meaning your private browsing data cannot be sold or accessed in the event of a breach. We firmly believe that your browsing activity and data are yours – and yours only. Forculus Home keeps your data secure and only stores your account information and payment method. We do not collect website passwords, IP addresses, web history, download history, bandwidth usage, or session duration.

Built-In VPN

In a world where big-tech and internet service providers (ISPs) collect and sell your information for a profit – your private data is more valuable than ever. Keep your browsing data and location private with our built-in VPN system that safeguards your data and masks your IP address. 

Protect Smart-Home Devices

With the average home having 10 smart devices, everything from smart locks to security cameras could put our home, privacy, and safety at risk when in the wrong hands. Secure your smart devices with a sub-network that only your approved IOT devices can connect to. 


Why We Founded Forculus Home

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. At Forculus Home, it’s our mission to develop a simple, sustainable, and secure product that gives users control over their personal data and make web browsing safe and private for all. Our products will always promote anonymity, privacy, and security. Your data is your data. Period.

Vulnerable Logistics

With increasing foreign espionage and overreliance on overseas manufacturing, there has never been a more pressing time to bring manufacturing back home. Have peace of mind that Forculus Home’s supply chain and manufacturing is proudly 100% American-made.

Sub-Par Security

Protecting your home network from cyber threats is more important than ever. With cybercrime on the rise, your personal and financial information is constantly at risk. Our Forculus Home provides transparent network visibility and notifies you of any threats that were blocked by our proprietary firewall technology.

Non-Existent Privacy

It’s no secret that big tech and ISP’s package and sell their user’s information for a profit. We believe consumers and their data should not be treated as products. Forculus Home includes a built-in VPN that keeps your data private and masks your IP address.


Forculus Home is a 21st century home security company that takes its name from a lesser-known Roman deity, Forculus Home the protector of gates, thresholds, and openings. The Forculus Home ecosystem embodies that spirit by providing an array of smart home security solutions to protect against increasingly advanced network threats passing through the thresholds of your home.

Founded by Taylor Sulik, Coast Guard Intelligence Officer veteran, physical and cybersecurity consultant,  and Fortune 500 risk management professional, Forculus Home brings enterprise-level security and analytical experience to home networks.

Forculus Home is proud to be an American-made company. We believe in ending foreign reliance, bringing manufacturing back home, and upholding the highest levels of quality and reliability in everything we do.


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